Best in Class Materials

All of our AI generated artwork is made of the best quality materials, which means your original piece of will exhibit vivid color & details, inside of a sophisticated wood floating frame, and will stand the test of time. 

Giclée Printing

Giclée (pronounced zhee-KLAY) was a breakthrough in art printing invented in the 1980s. Giclée is based on the French word gicleur, the technical term for a jet or a nozzle, and the verb gicler, which means to spray.

The term was coined to describe the large-format, high-resolution ink printers which were a game changer for reproducing fine-art prints. These new printers effectively maintained the color integrity of the original oil paintings while ensuring resistance to fading, resulting in an archival rating which can range from 100-200 years.

At a minimum Giclée printers must use the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) color process, but can include additional color inputs for even smoother transitions and a wider color gamut. At Artaygo, our printers use 12 different inks in top model printers for maximum color range and quality of printing.

Artist Grade Cotton Canvas

Our canvas is a white, artist-grade 100% cotton substrate which produces images with outstanding clarity and detail. At 400gsm, it is one of the highest density canvases available, and provides results that are superior to nearly any alternative canvas.

The Giclée printed canvas is stretched over a custom wooden frame. These 'stretcher' frames are milled with a curved profile that minimizes contact with the face of the canvas and prevents unsightly impression marks and surface cracking.

The canvas is then hand-finished by a framing team who ensures each corner fold is perfectly smooth and tight. This completed 'stretched canvas' is then coated with an acrylic 'matte' finish which provides additional protection for your piece, before being mounted into a finished floating frame.

Sophisticated Floating Wood Frames

Artaygo's floating frames give a distinct and 'finished' look which is more elegant than traditional stand-alone gallery wrap styles. Surrounding the canvas is an approximately 1/5 inch (5mm) gap which creates an ample floating border between the stretched canvas and the wood frame.

Note that art dimensions quoted at Artaygo are of the canvas itself, with the frame adding around 2 inches of additional length/height to the framed piece.