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How Does AI Generate Art?

AI generated art refers to artwork that has been created by an artificially intelligent computer artist. The 'artist' relies on complex neural networks and learns through repetition how to create new artwork.

The entire process looks like the artist is 'dreaming' or 'hallucinating' a digital image into existence.

Unlike a human artist who may study for years before becoming a master painter and who can only produce a few masterpieces in their lifetime, an AI artist is significantly faster, and can be trained and re-trained to learn a variety of new artistic styles. And each work of art created by AI can be entirely original and one-of-a-kind. 

To understand what's really going on behind the scenes without getting too technical, imagine two artificially intelligent robots in a room. The first is an artist that has been given the ability to create images. The second is an art critic that can guess whether an image is real, fake, or something in between.  

Initially, the artist tries to produce a work of art. It then shows this digital work to the critic:


An AI artist's first attempt to create a work of art



Of course, the artist doesn't get frustrated by its lack of expertise at this point. It tries many more times to create a better image, based on the feedback it receives, over and over, from the critic.

An AI artist's second attempt to create a work of art


Over time, the artist continues to produce better and better content which is so good that it convinces the critic that the content is real. In many cases neither a human, nor a computer can spot the difference. 

An AI artist's third attempt to create a work of art


So take a look at our galleries of AI generated artwork and see what sparks your imagination!