We're changing the art world

One original piece at a time

About Artaygo's AI Generated Artwork

At Artaygo, we saw the potential for Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize artwork, driving a totally unique visual style, along with the exclusivity and rarity of art normally only available to wealthy art collectors. Each piece of artwork at Artaygo is 'digitally dreamed into existence' by an artificially intelligent computer with only minor input from human beings. And each piece is an original that we only sell once!  Original AI generated content at affordable prices enables 'Art for Everyone'

This means that a sophisticated computer artist 'dreams' each piece of art into existence digitally, with a human only providing minor 'constructive criticism' along the way.

By using this approach to generating the underlying artwork, we can offer some of the highest-quality print and material options around, at an affordable price. Best of all, the collections are entirely browsable from the comfort of your home, with the ability to search and filter much more easily than at a real gallery.

Your work of art, produced with top-quality canvases, inks and framing can be a great addition to your home, speaking to your own individuality. It can also be a great gift for friends & family, or could become a rare collector's item! 

We also regularly add content and thematic collections, while taking old content out of circulation. This means there will always be something new here, while the content you see today might cease to exist a year from now!


How did we get started with AI Generated Art?

We've both personally experienced and have seen friends and family renting their first apartment, buying a condo in the big city, or moving into their first home to start a family. And nothing transforms a residence with bare walls into a home better than art. Art can set your mind at ease, make a statement about your identity, and start conversations!

Until now, there were really only 3 options for art, and all had limitations:  

The Discount Route. We've all been there. You have a bare wall and it sorely needs a bit of color or something to spruce it up. So you drop by a chain store and buy whatever prints they have available. While typically costing $60-$150, the problem is these prints are usually mass-produced so everyone in your city will be buying the exact same print for years. In fact, your future houseguests might even recognize it from their last shopping trip - or even own the same copy in their house! To make matters worse, these prints are usually made using the lowest quality materials, have inks that will fade quickly, and aren't sustainably sourced.


The Mid-Range Route. Many sellers offer the ability to purchase limited edition prints. This means an original painting is digitized, and several hundred copies are made available for purchase on printed canvas or other materials. While relatively more rare than the discount offerings at chain stores, these prints are not unique, and typically of less value than an original. There is also no guarantee the artist doesn't simply produce another run of 500 copies next year, diluting the value of your purchase. And while of better quality materials than the local chain store - pricing for limited edition prints typically ranges from $500 to $1,000+.


The Expensive Route. Last and certainly not least, is going the route of purchasing authentic original oil paintings from a premier gallery. While unique, these stunning pieces of work often come with equally stunning price tags easily starting at $2,000, and with no real limit to the upper price point. Purchasing an original painting typically requires visiting many galleries in-person, and is a time consuming process to compare works between different galleries and artists who may have works at several different locations.  

Is there a better way? We think so!

Take a look at our AI art galleries and see what sparks your imagination!