How to Buy AI Artwork

So you’re thinking about buying AI artwork? Buying new artwork can be an exciting experience, and while trends, recommendations and investment appreciation are all important considerations, here are a few others we consider important, and how Artaygo’s AI Artwork can help!

How does AI Art make you feel?

The most important dimension is how the art makes you feel – do you like it? Like a first date, you want to feel that spark when you look at a piece of artwork. Ultimately it’s you as an individual who determines if a piece is good or bad – an entirely subjective process. You can’t just trust the art critics and established experts to make that decision for you. In fact, it’s much more fun to make these decisions yourself! Fortunately, at Artaygo we have hundreds of works of art in a variety of galleries that allow you to pick and choose your favorite art from a large selection in the comfort of your home. 

How does AI Artwork fit in your home?

Another consideration is how a piece fits into your room, and if it can captivate the attention of visitors or change the mood of a room. We think art should be a real conversation starter, and nothing starts a conversation better than owning a completely original piece of AI Art:

  • What kind of features does an AI Artist pick up on?
  • Is an AI artist truly creative?
  • How do humans actually define creativity?
  • Is an AI artist that studies the technique of thousands of master artists any different in principle from a human being that does the same?

How much does original artwork cost?

When buying new art, it’s also important to consider all of the other costs involved – including shipping and installation. In fact, for many large pieces, the cost of shipping alone can be hundreds of dollars, and is often not quoted in the price you see online or at stores. At Artaygo, all of our AI artwork is competitively priced, and each is shipped free worldwide and includes easy to install mounting brackets, making it easy to put into your living room with just a small hammer!

What kind of materials are used?

It’s also important to consider quality. Poor quality materials won’t age well, could be damaged with exposure to sunlight, or warp and sag over time. At Artaygo, we use only FSC certified wood products with the best quality canvas and inks to ensure the longevity of our AI generated artwork.

Take your time

Lastly, when looking for artwork, don’t get rushed into a quick purchase that you’ll later regret. Great art collections, even AI Art, can take time to build, so take it slow and choose wisely! Plus we're always available to help if you have any questions. 

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